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Our Treatments

Magic Effect

Mariana’s Magic Effect, recommended for those seeking immediate improvements in skin uniformity, muscle definition, and overall body modeling, is a unique blend of classic lymph drainage, shaping, and relaxing massages. This technique offers visible results from the first session, reducing measurements and swelling while transforming skin texture. Ideal for continuous treatment to achieve a perfect silhouette and a beautifully modeled body.
Please Note: This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, after surgery, and people with varicose veins or spider veins!

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

Designed for those seeking skin rejuvenation, reduction of swelling, improved blood circulation, and a clearer body shape. If you desire immediate results and holistic well-being, Brazilian lymphatic drainage is recommended. This treatment is less strong and focuses more on health and wellbeing.

Also recommended for pregnant women after 16 weeks!

(Prior to 16 weeks only with medical approval)

Magic Face – Facial Drainage

MAGIC FACE – The sister of the Magic Effect body lymphatic drainage. With our Magic Face massage you will achieve an immediate lifting effect in your face, reduces swelling, and natural skin revitalization. Ideal for everyone, especially for brides and postoperative recovery. Lymphatic drainage and sculpting for special results.

Post Surgery Treatment

Postoperative lymphatic drainage for accelerated recovery: Experience the transformative effects of this specialized treatment that alleviates pain and reduces swelling to expedite the recovery process. We apply modern techniques such as LED and infrared therapies, as well as Kinesio Taping. Optimal results are achieved with a minimum of 5 sessions, once weekly, starting two days after the operation or as per medical recommendation. Please note that a single treatment may not provide the comprehensive benefits of a structured treatment plan. Feel the difference on your recovery journey with our tailored postoperative lymphatic drainage sessions.

NEW! Kobido – Face Lift

Indulge in the revolutionary world of Kobido Massage at Mariana Ferreira Wellness, your gateway to timeless beauty. Experience the natural rejuvenation. Our skilled therapists master the art of gentle strokes and targeted pressure point massage, unveiling radiant skin and tightened facial features. Kobido Massage offers results akin to Botox without invasive measures, providing a natural alternative that not only diminishes wrinkles but enhances overall skin texture. Embark on a journey to timeless beauty by scheduling an appointment today and embrace the unique effects of this natural skin rejuvenation.

Mariana Ferreira Wellness
the woman who brought Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage to Germany